martedì, maggio 10, 2005


E-mail ricevuta lunedì 10 maggio da Jeffrey Wheeler, blogger di Memphis, Tennessee. Il suo blog è The Tone-Deaf Mushroom .

Dear Prime Minister Berlusconi,

You have my gratitude for being a steady ally of America. Italy's current relations with the United States are indeed those of friendship, and it is because of this that tensions can reveal themselves in civil but deep contrast, as they have lately regarding the accidental shooting of Nicola Calipari.

I have had doubts about Italian versions of events, and still find reason to question them, but regardless of discrepancies in reports there is a mutual, unquestionable belief that the incident was tragic, and that we must take steps to deter repeat occurrences. As you noted, the U.S. has made some progress. All that truly remains to be said is an honest apology from America.

Apologies can hinge more on perceptions than on facts. It is clear many in Italy are angry and feel slighted, and I believe one always apologizes for harming a friend, regardless of whether the one is directly culpable for the injury. Indirect culpability, as is the case here, deserves more than expressions of regret and solidarity, but an acknowledgement that the mistake may be excusable, but is still a grievous mistake. I am not in a position to offer much of worth, but for my part, the people of Italy have my regret and solidarity, and apologies are due for anything my compatriots have done, regardless of flaw or intent, that contributed to the needless loss of Calipari's life, the injuries of others, and the sorrow affecting their relatives, friends, and countrymen.

Recriminations must not derail our countries' just efforts in attempting to light candles in dark times. Calipari's death in particular affects Italy, the United States, and the rest of the world: What I know of his work is that his services in Iraq were to further individual freedom and support a country in greater need than either of ours. So I also want to thank you, Prime Minister Berlusconi, for honoring his memory by continuing to support the Iraq reconstruction for which he put his life on the line.

Bear in mind that some principles are worth more than individual personalities or national pride.

Yours sincerely,

Jeffrey Wheeler


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