venerdì, maggio 02, 2003


Ecco come è stato trattata la condanna a Cesarone e la seguente levata di scudi di mister B, il premier che sta sempre dalla parte dei condannati. Ovviamente son tutti comunisti.

CNN - ROME, Italy (Reuters) -- Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi came under pressure on Wednesday after a friend and political ally was convicted of corruption, but the Italian leader was expected to survive the latest challenge to his hold on power.

BBC - Berlusconi blasts court for jailing ally. Previti insists he is innocent Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has lashed out at judges who jailed a close associate for corruption. Cesare Previti, Mr Berlusconi's former personal lawyer, was imprisoned for 11 years late on Tuesday. Previti, a member of parliament, was found guilty of using bribery to try to influence two takeover battles - one of which favoured Mr Berlusconi's Fininvest holding company. Mr Berlusconi was originally charged in the same case - dating back to a 1991 struggle for control of the Mondadori publishing company - but was acquitted under Italy's statute of limitations in 2000. Cesare Previti, defence minister in Berlusconi's 1994 government, his former personal lawyer and a parliamentarian in his Forza Italia party, was sentenced to 11 years in prison late on Tuesday for bribing judges in two corporate takeover battles.

REUTERS - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, his corruption trial nearing its end, is pressing parliament to reinstate political immunity in the hope of ending a threat to his power and averting a constitutional crisis. The prime minister is on trial for allegedly bribing judges in a corporate takeover battle in the 1980s. Earlier this week his friend and political ally Cesare Previti was convicted of graft in a similar case, piling pressure on Berlusconi.

TIME - Berlusconi rage. Rome: Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s Prime Minister, described the sentencing of Cesare Previti, a close ally, to 11 years in jail for corruption as persecution and said that it was further proof of his long-held view that the country’s magistrates are “red” and biased against him and his associates.

EL PAIS - Berlusconi promete "resolver el problema de unos jueces politizados" tras la condena de su amigo Previti.



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